Since founding the GERTH company we apply an unique business concept that focuses on a specific product group.

We specialize in the development of and in the highly automated manufacturing of PCB transformers for power frequency.

We produce cost-efficient transformers in high quality on automatic production lines. Our decade-long experience allows that our production lines are in parts designed in-house.
Our close-fitting manufacturing process coupled with flat management structures uses the very best available materials on the market.

The economic strength, evolved over many years, makes it possible that we can store an extremely large stock of materials and finished goods. We designed the factory building by ourselves, so we are in the best of all positions that all our needs are met to guarantee a consistent high performance.

Our decade-long expertise also is of use for product development and the technical support to our customers as well as on all matters of testing, quality assurance and issues that concerns norms and standards. From the very first beginning we have worked closely with the testing institute of VDE. As a result a wide range of our standard products obtained the well-known VDE Approval.

The VDE also certified our test laboratory within its Test Data Acceptance Program.

That is why we can offer our clients

  • optimal product design
  • competent technical support
  • following relevant standards
  • a large range of series with VDE Approval
  • consistently high product quality
  • cost-efficient and customized variations on short-term notice even small and medium sized quantities
  • 100% routine test
  • just in time delivery
  • reliable date of delivery
  • cost-efficient pricing

Besides our range of products our business partner BREMER Transformatoren GmbH is also your partner when it comes to serve you with the complete area of inductive components. The companies of BREMER and GERTH are associated. Both manufacturers are located in the same building.