Helmut Gerth founds a company for the production of cases in Berlin-Schöneberg. Shortly afterwards electronic devices are designed and manufactured, too. In the beginning, the production area does not cover more than 100m².

Relocation to Berlin-Kreuzberg. The focus of the production range is on PCB transformers. Meanwhile, the production area has increased to 500m².
Development of a PU-vacuum potting machine which allows to pot transformers in a shorter time than any other available machine on the market.

Relocation to Berlin-Wedding. On a production area of 900m² the automation of the production is continually refined because of the ever increasing amounts of requests for larger quantities of transformers.

Helmut Gerth and Thomas Bremer purchase together a commercial property in the periphery of the south of Berlin in Brandenburgpark, Ludwigsfelde.
An experienced team of engineers projects a factory building on a production area of up to 2500m² with all requirements met that an efficient and modern manufactory needs.
GERTH Transformatorenbau finally specializes on a selected range of PCB safety transformers. These include also miniature transformers. In the smallest "series 150" the mini transformers are competitive manufactured with micro wire on 6- or 12 spindle winding machines.

Eric Leysner and Thomas Bremer become members of the company and their directors.
The requirements of the RoHS compliance demand a changeover in the process of soldering to lead- free solder. Now all series are soldered and controlled by a central soldering system that is worked by an autonomic robot system under protective gas. All soldering parameters are reproducible and continuously controlled. This process allows that new types of transformers can be adapted without problems.

Development and introduction of the "eco-transformer type 153" - a miniature transformer with <0,5W no-load power consumption. This type of transformer supports developers of stand-by devices two years prior to the implementation of the European eco-design directive.

The VDE certifies the GERTH test laboratory for type approvals of safety transformers within its “Test Data Acceptance Program”.
In conjunction with VDE GERTH is now able to run standardized tests on heating, initial value, overload, short-circuit and isolation in-house. Tests for a VDE approval are performed in an accelerated procedure even for client customized transformer versions.

Most of the GERTH types have obtained the VDE Approval.

“Type 480” obtains the VDE Approval.
PCB transformers in the range of 0,35A to 10VA now come with the VDE Approval.
The VDE re-certified GERTH’s test laboratory within it´s “Test Data Acceptance Program”.

The GERTH Website is completely worked over. Now customers and developers get more information about the GERTH product range but also more technical information in new data sheets.